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So how did Calcium Grease in Ethiopia originate? A Calcium-based Grease in Ethiopia is made from a combination of lithium soap and oils. Sharp Lubes, an Indo-Canadian company, Suppliers of high-quality lithium grease in Ethiopia and sells it everywhere. It is devised to provide additional protection against oxidizing and water washout in long-term automotive applications at low temperatures and masses. Sharp Lubes, Ethiopia's best grease Suppliers, recognized the importance of lithium grease and added it to their service category. This company sells Calcium grease in Ethiopia , which can be used for a variety of purposes. Uses of  Calcium Grease made by Sharp Lubes Calcium grease in Ethiopia plays a vital role in the automotive industry and is the go-to grease for various lubrication jobs. Amongst its most common applications are: Automotive mechanisms such as doors, hinges & locks Wheel Bearings Clutch Bearings Strike Plates The suspension system of traveler cars, trucks, farm

Calcium grease suppliers in South Africa

What is Calcium Grease? Before we discuss Calcium grease , it is crucial to know how Calcium grease came into existence. For that, we must be aware of the background of grease. Earlier in 1400 BC in Egypt, when the chariots were used as a mode of transport, it was noticed that their wheels quickly became charred due to frictional heat. Many attempts were made to cool the hub with water. Experimentation eventually led to the use of other liquids, such as olive oil and fats. The Egyptians were taken aback when they discovered that certain viscous liquids were absorbing heat. Simultaneously, they noticed that the wheels were turning more freely. These early discoveries, of course, heralded the dawn of machinery lubrication. Properties of  Calcium Grease in South Africa The popularity of Calcium grease stems from its ability to function as a multi-purpose grease. It is by far the most popular grease on the planet today, accounting for more than 75% of all lubricating greases used in vario

Grease Manufacturers in Nigeria

A grease is simply a mixture of base oil, thickener, and additives (in most cases). The base oil is the most important component of grease. Its function is to create a thin, hydrodynamic film that separates metal components. On the other hand, thickeners keep the base oil in place. Regardless of how a machine is oriented, the thickener ensures that grease remains effective. Grease is used in various applications such as wheel bearings, clutch bearings, worn components, trucks, farm tractors, and many more.  Sharp Lubes, the best Grease Manufacturers in Nigeria , supplies the best quality grease in Africa and many more countries. Our grease products are best for such types of applications. Some of our leading grease products are Multipurpose Grease-3, High-Temperature Grease, Chassis Grease, Gel Grease, and Extreme Pressure Grease. Our greases are formulated for specific purposes and are designed to give more protection, impact resistance, and tackiness beyond what you can imagine. We a

Lubricant Additives Oil Manufacturers in Nigeria

 An engine oil or motor oil, whatever you say, is a crucial part of your vehicle’s engine. It lubricates all the components of the engine and reduces friction between the moving parts. But a motor oil cannot do its job alone. It needs additives that can assist it in lubricating your motorbike’s engine. Many lubricant additives oil manufacturers in Nigeria manufacture lubricant additives oil that are made from additives because, without it, no oil can help save your vehicle’s performance. Thus, you should find a manufacturer which makes motor oil-containing additives. Sharp Lubes is one of the leading lubricant additives oil manufacturers in Nigeria that manufactures high-quality engine oil-containing additives. The additives in the company's engine oil perform a variety of functions and are incredibly beneficial for your vehicle's engine. Types of additives and their roles: 1. Detergent additives- The primary purpose of a detergent additive is to remove deposits and micropar

Purpose of Automotive Oil

 No matter what vehicle you own, the only thing that matters is it should provide you comfort and safety. Most of the time it is said that buying a vehicle is much easier than looking after it. People instantly buy a vehicle but refuse to maintain it. Anyone who cherishes his/her Automobile knows how important it is to correctly maintain their vehicle. One of the best ways to take care of your vehicle is to use the right quality of engine oil from the appropriate automotive oil manufacturers. This is because a good quality automotive oil is just like the blood of your engine. Without it, you cannot have a harmonious ride.  Sharp Lubes, the best automotive oil manufacturers in Africa , manufactures the excellent engine oil that is being used by thousands of clients all over the world. Today, there are many suppliers and manufacturers of automotive oil in the world but Sharp Lubes are regarded as the best automotive oil manufacturers in Africa. The lubricant products produced by this co